The Place - Arguably the best place to visit during your Kinnaur tour. The place offers natural wonders as well as delicious apples to its visitor. Snow studded mountain peaks sorrounds this place all over. Throughout the journey, one can experience apple plantation through out the whole valley. Orange is another fruit that is being produced here. A 16 Kms journey to Rockcham will leave you in green paradise. Accomodation is available in Rockcham too. Another 8 Km will take you to Chitkul, the land of gods. Enthusiasts can stay over in Chitkul during Summer, although the way to Chitkul stays closed during Winter. Many trekking routes opens or ends at Chitkul too.
State - Himachal Pradesh
Season - September to March
Other Watchables - Orange & Apple Gardens
Kamakshi Temple
Nearest Railway Station - Simla
Nearest Airport - Chandigarh
Distance - Simla - 210 kms