The Place - The last Nawab of undivided Bengal, Bihar & Orissa, Nawab Siraj - Ud - Doullah stayed at Murshidabad and ruled his kingdom from here. The fierce war had been taken place between Nawab Siraj - Ud - Doullah and East India Company , at Plassey, where Nawab lost the battle on 23rd day of June 1757, due to betrayal of Mirjaffar and local businessmen, namely Umi Chand, Jagat Seth, Rai Durlav,etc. and inhuman, illegal tricks of East India Company. From here British Empire ruled India for next 200 years.
State - West Bengal
Season - Through out the year.
Other Watchables - Lalbag
Hazar Duari
Kathgola Bagan
Bada Imambara
Nasipur Palace
Nearest Railway Station - Murshidabad
Nearest Airport - Kolkata
Distance - Baharampur - 14 Kms
Kolkata - 183 kms