Tiger Shot dead in Assam

Once again a healthy eight feet male Panthera Tigris Tigris was killed by Security Personnel. The tiger entered into Nagabandha village in Morigaon district of Assam. It killed a 40 year old woman while she was crossing his path. It again injured a policemen. Local villagers were irked with this news and they chased the tiger. During this course of confrontation, The tiger killed another human, the situation went out of control of the Securitymen and the Forest Department officials and then ultimately the Security Personnel shot down the animal as they didn’t wanted to take any further chance. The forest department made an attempt to tranquilize the animal before that, but due to huge crowd, they failed to bring down the tiger.

Incidentally, the world is undergoing a summit on tigers which is taking place in Russia . The summit is being graced by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Wen Jiabao, where India is a participant too. The aim of the summit was to save the remaining 3200 tigers in the wild.

So, aren’t we educated enough to deal the situation in Assam or may be we do not have proper mechanism to handle it. Maybe, we lack in both the areas. We invite feasible solutions from animals lovers.

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