Darjeeling – What next?

DarjeelingSo, we witnessed a historical treaty today and everyone is hoping for the best. This writeup is not meant to discuss the if’s and but’s, neither we are going to go into the Tarai – Dooars controversy. The most important thing is everyone is hoping for the best. Here stands and lies the basic question, why everyone? I don’t think there would have been this much of interest, if this kind of understandings were reached in respect to any other places. We all are watching and interested because the place is Darjeeling. Somewhere, we all feel, its our Darjeeling too and we want to revisit this enigmatic queen of hills again and again and again. Darjeeling along with Puri has always been part of Bengali’s travel facet, its major share in Bengali’s travel nostalgic thoughts had always driven us to keep thinking, worrying, wondering about the place and may be we have seen a light of hope.  We are happy, exited that we can go to this place again.

With the in-numerous mails we are receiving on Darjeeling, we are sure, in no time, its going to retain it crown. Just let it happen and please do not destroy this place.

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