The Place - It is also known as Golden city of East or the city of Adab. Also famous for perfume, silk, jewellary & Chikan handicraft. The city has been earlier developed by Mughal Emperor Akbar & todays Lucknow has been shaped by the Nawabs of Ayodhya. In 1856 Nawab Wajed Ali Shah was thrown out of his shrine by the British & they took control over the city.
State - Uttar Pradesh
Season - Through out the year
Other Watchables - Bada Imambara with Bhulbhulayya
Lakshman Tila
Chote Imambara
Sahid Minar
Sikandar Bag
Motilal Nehru Children Museum
Nearest Railway Station - Lucknow
Nearest Airport - Lucknow
Distance - Kanpur- 77 kms
Agra -369 kms
Bareilley-244 kms
Allahabad-483 kms
Gorakhpur-253 kms
Delhi-497 kms.