The Place - The temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. One of the richest temples of the world. It was looted by Nadir Shah 17 times. Now this temple is called as Maha Meru. Prabhas Pattan Museum (Wednesday closed), Prabhas Tirth - The River Saraswati Tirtha and Hiranya met at the sangam place here.
State - Gujrat
Season - Especially May.
Other Watchables - Gita Bhawan
Sun Temple
Bhaluka Temple between Somnath and Verabal
Nearest Railway Station - Verabal
Nearest Airport - Ahmedabad
Distance - Rajkot - 200 Kms
Dwarka - 250 Kms
Porbandar - 122 Kms
Diu - 80 Kms
Ahmedabad - 416 Kms