Bouddha Bihar discovered at Dantan

The ruins of a Bouddha Bihar and many a relics of the late Gupta era have been excavated out in Dantan of West Midnapore district of West Bengal recently. The relics include a two metre long 10th century Buddha idol, a map of the Bouddha Bihar and a dozen other figurines. Experts of Calcutta University have opined that this discovery could lead to other significant find outs.

According the experts – There were 10 Bouddha Bihars in the country, out of which three happen to be in present day Bengal. This particular Bouddha Bihar at Mogolmari seems to have been built between the seventh and the tenth centuries – the late Gupta period.

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4 Responses to “Bouddha Bihar discovered at Dantan”

  1. Mallika Says:

    Do you call this excavation? It is pre planned conspiracy of whichever government…we a community or an area becomes deserted, or the place is destroyed…how come all of a sudden the whole area becomes elevated? The excavation plans in Mogolmari, daton is nothing but a pre-plnned i don’t exactly know what to say..

  2. Mallika Says:

    And we call that India is a secular country….In fact..India is loosing its roots..

  3. Reetuparna Says:

    I am simply amazed that this site remained undiscovered for so many centuries. So many thanks to the local schoolmaster who brought this to the notice of Calcutta University. Datan should become a major tourist spot if ASI helps in retaining and maintaining this major site.

  4. tapan pal Says:

    How to gt there form Danton Rail Station?

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