Bison killed after tranquillizer shot

bisonThe Statesman reported that two bison strayed out of the Jaldapara and Chilapata forests respectively, and killed two women and injured several others at Ghoksadanga and Mechbill areas of Cooch Behar district yesterday.

In another incident, a North Bengal State Transport Corporation bus today hit a bison near the Garumara National Park in Jalpaiguri district. The bison, however, limped back into the forest. The DFO wild life II Mr Tapas Das said that they would use an elephant to find the injured bison and treat it.
At Ghoksadanga, the bison strayed out of the forest early in the morning. Chased by the locals, it retaliated and put to death two women, Haridasi Mandal(70) and Chayarani Adhikari(45).
Forest officials from the Mathabhanga range including the range officer, Mr Sarajit Sarkar, reached the spot to drive back the animal into the forest but the bison attacked him injuring him severely. He was taken to Cooch Behar hospital for treatment.

TOI has reported that the animal got irritated with the huge mob and it charges suddenly. This led to a stampede like situation and the bison then tossed the women up in the air with its horns and eventually the casualties took place.

Thereafter a police contingent from the Ghoksadanga police station reached the spot to bring the situation under control but the bison attacked ASI Mr Gopal Chakraborty and injured him as well.

The conservator of forest, northern circle, Mr Manindra Biswas said that officials from the Cooch Behar forest division and Buxa Tiger Reserve finally succeed in tranquilising the bison but it had injured nine persons including the forest ranger and the police man by then. Though undesired, this was the forest authorities last resort as bison often cannot endure sedatives and unfortunately the bull died after four hours.

Meanwhile, another bison that strayed out from the Chilapata forest entered the Mechbill village near Alipurduar.

The bison injured four people including two women. Officials of the Cooch Behar forest division drove it back into the forest with the help of a forest department elephant.

The question this incidents raises is till what time we will keep on repeating casualties like this. Two precious human life’s were lost and the bull cannot be saved too. Who is responsible? Well, blaming the forest authorities would be a easy job. But what about the irresponsible behavior on the part of the mob present thereat. Instead of co-operating the forest authorities, they did the job of the officials difficult by unnecessary gatherings, irritating the animal and the result was irreparable. Curiosity is natural, but isn’t it necessary to draw a line between curiosity and wisdom.

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    yes people should look in this matter people should be employed to look after the wildlife.

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