Thekkady Tragedy

A two-decker boat of state-run Kerala Tourism Development Corporation – Jalakanyaka – has met with accident in Thekkady – part of Periyar Tiger reserve, one of the most hottest tourist destination of Kerala. 26 feared dead already (2 children, 16 woman) (2 from Mumbai & 2 from Tamil Nadu). 76 including boat employees were in the boat. Tourists were mostly from Karnataka state. Reports of foreigners and north indians also involved in the accident.

Most likely cause of the accident is said to be “loss of weight balance” as tourists could have moved to one side of the boat to see wild animals on the side of the periyar river.

Accident is supposed to have taken place around 5.00 pm IST. More are feared dead. Cause of the accident not known. Boat is just one month old. Anyway, one thing is clear.. there were no rubber floaters (life jacket) in the boat. It is the first biggest boat accident in Kerala after Thattekad boat accident around 2 years ago. Indian navy divers from Kochi are also involved in the rescue activities.

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  1. Mohit Sengupta Says:

    Death toll has risen up to 36.

  2. Sudip Dutta Says:

    The Kerala Government has set up an emergency control room whose number is 0471-2333198. Tourism Department Help Desk numbers are 0486-9222620/9222111 and 9446052361

  3. Sudip Dutta Says:

    I have been wondering why this happened as it is quite natural that the tourists will go to the side where wild life can be watched. Well, according to NDTV reports, ‘Jalakanyanka’, the mechanised boat of the Kerala Tourism Corporation, could take a load of 70 people at a time. But there were 78 people on the boat at the time of the accident.

    The boat had new life jackets. But none of the tourists was wearing one. Some tourists refused to, and some others weren’t offered one.

    Four km from the boarding point, when a herd of elephants was spotted, the tourists moved to one side of the boat to watch it, causing the boat to topple.

    So, it is over carrying, may be since it is pick season thereat, they tried to accommodate maximum tourists, its not that everytime there intention was to fetch money, but at times, to cope with the rising tourist pressure, authorities had to act like this. But, why aren’t the tourists wearing life jackets. I think this is a lesson we should learn from. There is no point being a hero. Most of us, don’t swim daily even if we know swimming and under this kind of difficult situations, mere knowing swimming might not prove enough. So, whats wrong in being protective. This has to be made mandatory.

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